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The life and times of @Cohoons_World ~¿Habla usted español? y si lo hace usted entenderá mi lema: pesca, cerveza fría y relajación .. ¿qué más hay?

“Grading My Past’s Future”

Just wondering how many people in their 30’s & 40’s are where they thought they’d be in life right now? Let’s see …. me personally, I have a great job (That’s a biggie now-a-days), a wonderful wife (pretty, smart & loyal), 2 awesome kids (one of which is going to college here in a few weeks), a house I have 7 years left to pay on, 3 vehicles I own (payment free)  I could go on but the big one is we are all are relatively healthy! Well to get to the point I think if I had to grade my life on an expectation scale from 1 to 10! Hmmm a (10) would be- I gave it everything I had to realize my dreams and a (1) well, no de script needed! I guess ……..It would be a “” 7 “” !!!!! I educated myself by serving in the military (They paid lol / my parents had no money) which allowed me to do financially better than my parents… on the down side ….oops I manage my money like a teenager! (I tend to party and eat out way too much!) I have always seem to rise to the top at any organization I have worked for! My children never get in any trouble, they both have jobs (keeps them busy), they both drive (no tickets or wrecks yet… knock knock) one is in high school the other graduated and is headed for College with a 1660 on his sat’s! I have 3 dogs Lola, Zuzu & Jane who greet me every night when I come home! (love the little Bastards) Oh my wife……yes yes she is like a Rose, very pretty but danger lurks below the surface……hahaha just kidding I wouldn’t trade the “Nazi” for anyone else!!!  I am pretty satisfied when I say I would be happy to drive into this future… If???? I could keep the Silver DeLorean!  🙂

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