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The life and times of @Cohoons_World ~¿Habla usted español? y si lo hace usted entenderá mi lema: pesca, cerveza fría y relajación .. ¿qué más hay?

“I’m Not Hispanic”

Hmm ..well “I’m not Hispanic” as you might have noticed but Karen and I certainly do enjoy an occasional stiff pitcher of Frozen Margaritas while shoveling fajita fixins into a tortilla at our local Restaurante. I think you have to know how to cook that soft fluffy rice to be Hispanic (Dang that ooie gooie Mexican food sure is good)


Well anyway I’ve had several ideas swirling around in my pea brain since the 1st of the year pertaining to what to do next year for our (please play an introduction trumpet blowing in your head at this point while reading this) (((25th Wedding Anniversary!!))). One idea was a lavish 2nd honeymoon to Italy, France or Spain or even all three, I suppose you know how dreams can balloon out of control. Popping that balloon with an economic dart I drifted back to reality and settled on “Spain”.


Yes Spain, the Bull fighting Mecca, Yes Spain, the Gorgeous beaches, Yes Spain the Majestic old world scenery but alas Yes Spain is in the midst of an economic crisis, advantage or disadvantage I pondered. Hmm …I’ll get back to Spain shortly.

The next logical progression in our “2nd moon plans” came in March as I researched learn to speak Spanish sites on El internet. I quickly decided on
I liked the Rosetta stone demo but not their price.

Well I fell immediately head over heals in love with, if not bordering on obsessed with learning Spanish. I attempted my first conversion at a Mexican Restaurante in Early May with a waiter (which is encouraged in the program by the way). I mustered up the courage and said “Donde esta un Bano” (where is a bathroom) he quickly schooled me that un Bano referenced to an outside bathroom and that I should of said el bano. Well we got to talking (in English lol) about why I was learning Spanish and I mentioned the planned trip to “Spain” (we’re back It’s later) and he explained to my amazement that he a Mexican who speaks Spanish had trouble understanding Spaniards who speak Spain Spanish …Ooooh Boy plans just changed again!

It’s well into hot July and I have been practicing my Epanol with a Dominican named “Chico” (which means boy BTW) & he happens to be “mi vecino” (my neighbor). I’m still struggling but in our conversations the word placement I’ve noticed seems a little different but It’s pretty much the same as the Mexican Spanish that I’ve been cramming into my long term pea brain memory.

I think my “2nd moon plans” may be heading more south of the Indiana border towards Mexico way. I Don’t know for sure but I’ve mastered 3/4’s of Spanish level #1 in the process as it’s been mutating ..I’ll keep you updated!

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