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Easter Jam

Hmm …How does one make “Easter Jam”?!?! Well follow this absurd recipe closely, …we took a pinch of laughter, …a tbs of awesome food, …mixed in a generous amount of alcohol, oh yeah! …Then Bake for 4 hrs on a double lane scenic interstate …while last but not least throwing on top a dash of (not easy to find) friendship, oh this is optional but we garnished it all with a couple of umbrellas. Well Surprisingly this all culminated into a deliciously bitter/sweet but palatable mini vacation we had the pleasure of tasting this year while trying to and or attending the full moon tattoo & horror festival In the beautiful Downtown Nashville,Tn area. The event was held right off music row at the convention center once again this year which is connected to The Renaissance Hotel.

The bitter ~> unfortunately we did run into a horrific traffic jam at the Kentucky/Tennessee border, which we later found out was a multi vehicle wreck with 3 fatalities. This slowed our yearly pilgrimage to spring in Nashville from a 2 & 1/2 hr jaunt into a miserable 6 hour nightmare we dubbed “Easter Jam” but after a second traffic snarl in the city limits of Nashville we were all still in good spirits (worn out and frazzled a bit) but in the fabulous mind set of “we finally arrived in one piece” kind of mood, upon reaching the hotel.

The sweet~> Our highlights of the trip were having our his and her heart tattoos, that we obtained 8 years earlier in Panama City, Fl, enhanced for our 25th wedding anniversary. I managed to haggle the tattoo artisan down from $200 to $150 for the both us, I was heavily intoxicated while discussing the tattoos, literally and idealistically, (I had sketches and plenty of Miller Lite )! I must include the bbq ribs and music of course In those highlights …Great BBQ in Nashville btw we ate at Rippy’s Also I need to mention the free hot breakfasts were off the hook at the embassy suites hotel.

We brought along A friend of ours Carmel who was a virgin to music row and the horror fest but she fit right in by dramatically dawning my Fulci zombie mask and her in prompt to hilariously funny attitude that kept us in a jovial mood. I think the highlight of her trip was meeting her baby daddy (she says) and having her picture takin with Norman Reedus aka Daryl from The walking Dead. Well a case of White Castle cheese burgers for Easter dinner on the ride home Sunday wrapped up another sightly rainy/cool but beautiful Spring in Nashville!



















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