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“Fishing After Gods”

Chucking the boring and humdrum of everyday existence to escape into ones passion for life’s simpler pleasures doesn’t come around to many times in their hustle and bustle throughout the year ..maybe a few times ..if their lucky enough that is. Awww vacation a rare occasion to mingle ones passion, in my case fishing, with Rest and Relaxation, the ol (R&R). Oh now that’s if ones spouse is accommodating of course. She was and we were off to the great Shawnee National Forest in Beautiful Southeastern Illinois for a week of passion and R&R.

Once inside the forest we embarked on a short hike down a long rutty dirt trail to tour the odd but amazingly gorgeous Garden of the Gods and I say short because my half hung over slightly grumpy wife Karen tuckered out at the 1st rock formation, Well she opted for the truck while I finished the hike. Never the less I admired boulders, views and formations for another couple hundred yards then high tailed it back up the dry dirt path to my wifey who was so eloquently guarding our vehicle.





We continued our passion quest down winding hilly roads through the Forest to a small town along the Ohio river called Port of “Golconda” . We gathered a few key supplies we’d forgotten to pack and journeyed another 9 miles south along the River to our Cabin at Barren Creek .


My mental Checklist: …Quest destination ..check …Unpack, .. Check …admire gorgeous cabin and view …Check …grab fishing poles tackle box, bait and head to rivers edge …check …wait no no no I forgot the Candian Night crawlers at home in the fridge .. Oh well, there wasn’t much light left in this glorious day but ..I had remembered to bring my smelly Catfish bait!! I threw a line in and tight-lined for a bit before we started a fire. Each and every night we made a fire to sit around while we enjoyed our alcoholic spirits over dinner which I might add was grilltastic each and every night along with my many Beers! (thanks honey) Also every night at dusk while sitting around the fire we were treated to natures musical symphony, crickets, frogs, sakaida and even a creepy bird that had an eerie call it kind of sounded like a woman crying, We think it was an owl. 🙂







The next few days were amazing simply amazing so quiet and peaceful in the mornings. I got my bait at the Golconda Marina the next day and fished all morning long each day catching a variety of native fish along with two 50 to 60 lb snapping turtles. (I caught the turtles an catfish While tight-lining using chicken livers and very small bluegills as bait btw) Our cabin was located about 150 yards from the Ohio river, which you could see from the front side of the Cabin along with countless Deer and Turkey and other wildlife. The Barren Creek was our backyard, Which I also fished every evening until the sunset .. Passion an R&R!






We took countless day trips which included a tasty 25th anniversary dinner at KDB Grill . I ordered the catfish which was “off the hook” pun intended and Karen had the Ribeye .. Great food. We visited a local winery called Hogg Hollow , The chocolate Factory , Ft. Massac and Metropolis, IL , the home of Superman along with numerous restaurants and attractions in the immediate area.













Well if you get a chance to visit the Pope county area take advantage of the Barren Creek Cottages they were priced at a reasonable $65 bucks a night with all the conveniences of home and a shout out to the owners they were amazingly gracious. Well You can see by my last photo on the dock it was an awesome vacation full of passion and great memories made with my beautiful wife … Oh wait my wife yes yes I had one big last surprise for her on the the way out of Golconda that Friday …well You will have to read about it in my next blog post, it will be spookylicious! 🙂


20130815-010538.jpg my wife Karen 🙂

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