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“The Apparition of a Golconda Grey”

The Surprise:
Well the “big surprise” yes you know …I wrote about it in my last blog, oh come on you remember that teaser I left my loyal readers hanging with, yes… right ..the one where I had a big surprise planned for my wife Karen on the way out of town from our amazing fishing trip. Ha’ “loyal readers” I crack myself up at times but anyhow we weren’t leaving town that Friday at all …why? ..because a week prior I had booked a suite at The Riverview Mansion Hotel in Golconda. The “surprise” was that we were spending one more night in town, supposedly at a haunted mansion! (FYI Karen loves the Paranormal)

The killing:
Once we left the Cabin at 11am we could smell the blood in the water, smelt of a killing frenzy, killing of time that is, lots of it! We had 4 fat hours worth, our fledgling attempt to snuff out some fat was to pull in and take an impromptu tour of a local campground. Not so exciting ..I know but I did meet an old man there that told me of floods from years past and then continued by stating he’d seen our black Expi around.(so much for being an inconspicuous fledgling) Well we finally made it into Golconda where we enjoyed a hardy fried chicken dinner at the local Dari Bar, this place seemed to be the small town hot spot because it was always packed. We soon waddled and yawned our way out of the Dari Bar restaurant and started wondering aimlessly (yup I really can’t stress “aimlessly” enough in that sentence) through the city streets of Golconda, (not many streets in golconda btw) stopped and gawked at the splendor of “The” Ohio River and all of which was an attempt to slay some more annoying fat (time) before check-in. We finally arrived at the hotel with a couple of pesky hours left alive that we hadn’t managed to stab, strangle or force through the hour glass in our spree of inpatients. Suddenly tho I was overwhelmed with a calming relief with Karen’s utterance of ….”ehhhh fuck-it …enough is enough”! The calming slowly started draping over my alcohol deprived body just as soon as I seen Karen hop out of the truck, sprint up the steps and disappear inside the Mansion to ask the owners about checking in a little early. Hey they were very accommodating to a couple of prompt time bandits such as ourselves and proceeded to tell Karen we just needed to smother another 20 min. (Piece if cake)
Leavey the Levee Lounge:
My wife and I chose to stay at “The River View Mansion Hotel” because of the late 19th century look about the photos we viewed online, the haunted ghost vibe we read about on Facebook and the fact that they had an in house bar lounge. Well we kind of meandered around a bit after we got situated to take a few photos (hoping to entrap a spirit image of course) also we admired the wonderful woodwork (in the “open parts” of the mansion) and the lovely decor and furniture but pretty much just found ourselves lounging in the Levee Lounge for the most part of the night. While lounging We sampled an array of local wines, beers and enjoyed numerous stimulating conversations with the other patrons, oh and my favorite, Laura the bartender who gave us the 411 on all the ghost stories while only attempting to slip me a warm beer once! lol We also chatted with the owners Beth & Tony, oh lest I forget their neighbor Gary who popped in for a night cap (what a hoot he was). Well at the witching hour of midnight after a belly full of beer, (I forget home many I had but Laura kept count) the clock struck last call and we were asked politely to leavey the levee lounge.
The Grey & The Gilbert:
Oh The grey …yup I almost forgot about the owners telling us a story about every cat in Golconda being suspiciously grey (idk why ..incest I guess lol) well then amazingly enough my wife was asked to pick out a free kitten …Why? … because Beth and Tony had made her fall in love with the kittens by telling her where she could find them and about how cute those little fuzz balls were ..”The Apparition of a Golconda Grey” …oy vey I must have been getting intoxicated and not paying attention.. Ha’ tough luck Cris because the kitten is affectionately known around my house now as GG for Golconda grey!
Moving on now .. We slowly crept up the 2 flights of stairs to our suite taunting Lucy the whole way up while practicing some phenomenal intoxicated photography along the way and throughout the suite as well, all the while we were asking her to do things like turn on the water Lucy, flush the toilet Lucy or turn off the lights Lucy. We stayed in a suite called The Gilbert, which had a very comfortable “king bed” I must add and was the “hot-bed” of activity surrounding the child ghost Lucy, according to the amateur ghost enthusiast bar-tending Laura. Well after a non interrupted ghost free great night’s sleep (it seemed …I’ll get back to that) we packed up our gear and headed down stairs. We grabbed a pastry, juice, our new kitty GG and bid farewell to Golconda (which means a source of wealth or advantages btw) and the mansion. We were finally off on our 2 hour journey home to southwestern Indiana left only to savor our great times with great new friends. 20130819-223559.jpg20130819-223829.jpg20130819-223844.jpg20130819-223922.jpg20130819-224138.jpg20130819-224156.jpg20130819-224243.jpg






The Creepy:
Although we didn’t capture any images or see any faucets turn on by themselves we did notice something later that Saturday night. I noticed a series of creepy bruises on the back side of Karen’s left leg which I dismissed as a fight she might of had with an angry bar stool but who knows???


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