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“Valet the Blueberry Please”

To The Wayward

Well we managed to Rangel away or borrow “The Blueberry” (..oh the Blueberry is what my wife and daughter affectionately dubbed my daughters new fuel efficient 2013 blue Chevy Spark) to motor down to Southern Illinois (Southie) for a hastily planed 3 day weekend.

20131120-082403.jpgWe also managed to explore a new route without my expedition (pun) but this time it was visa via Evansville then shooting down route 1 and following the river to our 1st stop Golconda, Il ..hmm IDK why but it seemed quicker for some odd reason. We arrived around 12:30 on Friday and made an appointment for Saturday at 11am to tour a for sale by owner house we’d seen the last time we were in Golconda in August.





20131119-094229.jpg The backyard of this 3 bedroom house happens to be connected to the business building ..oh This was suppose to be a business / fun trip if I failed to mention it btw. Okay well we filled up the Blueberry and carried on our wayward path to Metropolis to find a business in the downtown area that was also for sale by owner (FSBO) it turned out to be not to far from the Big Ol Superman Statue. Alas we were an hour early dagnabit so we found a place to eat called Cubbie Bear’s Pizza where we had a quick but delicious thin and crispy lunch. So anyway 3 O’clock came and we continued on by touring the ready to go business property (bar/restaurant) that we were less than enthusiastic about (run down, high taxes and high utilities)

To Harrah’s Southie

Karen and I needed a drink, exhausted and being after 4pm we decided to hit a googled liquor store and pick up the hotel booze on the way to Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Soutie Illinois. We pulled up to the hotel and read a sign to our surprise that stated FREE VALET ..Haha We hopped out and I said “Valet the Blueberry Please” (don’t worry I tipped the young lad) The room had an awesome view of the Ohio River and was very clean.




20131119-100133.jpg Well after we settled in the room it was just a semi short walk to the casino from our room and hey it was all indoors which made it very convenient. We had made 8pm dinner reservations at the Range steakhouse for a late dinner when we checked in ..highlight was the Caesar salad btw, then enjoyed a large helping of Slot machine play for dessert. Karen did enjoy the house drink special, it was Kentucky bourbon mixed with cranberry and apple pucker called a Apple something I don’t remember haha …oh yeah “Autumn Apple” lol.


20131119-101329.jpg We managed to finish off the night of gambling with several night caps in our room. The next morning we ate breakfast at the Rivercrest all you can eat buffet to which the highlight was the ~make them yourself waffles~ …damn delicious …we received the blueberry from Valet then returned to Golconda for our house tour ( the house didn’t look like much from the outside as you can see from the earlier pictures but the inside it was very nice and it’s a 50 step walk to the rear of the business plus plus plus) we drove home stopping in Elizabethtown,il to check out another FSBO then from there we took the new route through evansville was a nice business / fun trip.

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