Cohoon's World

The life and times of @Cohoons_World ~¿Habla usted español? y si lo hace usted entenderá mi lema: pesca, cerveza fría y relajación .. ¿qué más hay?

“Casa Rodante” @Cohoons_World East

Oh BTW “Casa Rodante” (pronounced Casa Row-Tha-n-Tay) just means rolling house 😉 I’m into Spanish if you’ve read my previous blogging attempts …okay so for the overview of the video we just bought a new 2014 keystone hideout camper to put on our permanent campsite at Prides Creek Park ,the park is in Petersburg, in and has a beautiful 90 acre lake, beach for swimming, 2 boat docks, frisbee golf course also a 9 hole golf course that goes half way around the lake. your slice. It also has an enormous amount of nice people and many more amenities …so check it out if you pass through southwestern Indiana camp fans.

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