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The life and times of @Cohoons_World ~¿Habla usted español? y si lo hace usted entenderá mi lema: pesca, cerveza fría y relajación .. ¿qué más hay?

P-Town 12/13/14 Stew

Karen and I made Stew Saturday night in honor of the sequential date 12/13/14 …P-Town is where we live (Princeton) wow I can safely say it was the Best stew I’ve ever eaten. We used burger instead of beef cubes, it turned out to be a third of the price but every bit as delicious ..enjoy the video. ingredients 1/2 chub of burger, 1 onion, 3 boxes of beef stock, 1 can of miller lite, 1 bag of baby carrots, 8 potatoes cubed, 3 socks of celery, 1 bag of frozen peas, 1/3 a cub of Worcestershire, red lobster seasoning, and salt and pepper, (Roux) is 1 tbls cornstarch 3 tbls flour mixed in 1 cup of beef stock til smooth.

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